Girl Like You

Format : CD

Abiodun’s new single “Girl like you“ pays homage to women and the inspiration they give us. Its message is simple, a minimalistic afro-symphony directed to the queen of his dreams. “Girl like You” has an infectious hookline placed on a relaxed groove and with its subtle and airy production, it gives Abiodun’s vocals space to express itself.

The song was produced by Y´Mix from Lagos Nigeria.


Abiodun pushes the envelope once again with true diversity and uniqueness on this track. It also premieres as a new set of songs for the year 2020 under his Ajazcobeats series.


Single Cover Image of "Omo Eniyan" by Abiodun aka. Don Abi

Omo Ènìyàn

Band :
Title : Omo Ènìyàn
Label :
Format : Digital Download

Omo Ènìyàn, meaning “Human Being”, is a unique and meditative song with a steady unorthodox groove. It showcases a call and response dialog between Abiodun and Òrànmíyàn, who in turn delivers an outstanding vocal performance. Influenced by its cultural roots in Yoruba tradition, the track draws a plea from the human realm to the terrestrial universe through a deep and emotional message. It is centered around a strong and repetitive bass line, which is supported by bata drum rhythms and harmonics. Two contrasting voices create a spiritual atmosphere and hereby connect with the higher forces.

The video was shot spontaneously in Hamburg by the director Wiktor Flip Gacparski from Poland. The simplistic aesthetics of the visuals underline the message and the character of the song.

Omo Ènìyàn charted on the iTunes World Top 200 at number 51 and has been well received on various platforms with a consistent growing momentum of listeners around the world. The song is available on Abiodun’s current album Break Free.


Abiodun aka. Don Abi Front Cover Image new album Break Free

Break Free

Band :
Title : Break Free
Label :
Format : Digital Download



Produced, composed, arranged by Abiodun & Gert Kapo. All songs perfomed by Abiodun & The Ajazcorock.

Abiodun’s album Break Free is an authentic, handmade mix of global pop sounds. It fuses different musical genres like afrobeat, soul, funk and rock. Break Free is made up of eleven contrasting songs created by an uncompromising artist. They are soulful and energetic but, at the same time, contemplative, fragile and sensitive. The artist’s message revolves around topics such as personal growth, self-realization, spirituality and collective empowerment – pointing out corruption, social injustice and environmental issues (e.g. as in songs like Great green wall or Alarm don blow). He expresses himself with a unique voice and style in English, Pidgin and Yoruba. Abiodun draws his energy and inspiration from legends such as Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti and, African folklore without losing touch with the current sounds and vibes of his era. He sees himself as a retro-modern artist of a new urban roots movement.
The album is a natural progression of Abiodun’s musical artistry over the past two decades. It re-presents Abiodun as an artist, who is constantly expanding the dynamic global boundaries of his musical language and oeuvre without denying his identity. The album is available on all major digital download and streaming platforms: iTunes | Spotify | Apple Music | Google Play | Amazon | Deezer | Tidal | YouTube Music

Abiodun (vocals)
Gert Kapo (keys, musical director)
Vincent ‘Themba’ Goritzki (guitars)
Roman Fuchß (bass)
Giuseppe Coppola (drums)
Roland Peil, Ralf Schneider, Renis Mendoza (percussion/bata drums)
Mirta Junco Wambrug, Martha Stencel, Melane Nkounkolo, Lizbet, Òrànmíyàn Ajagundádé (background vocals)

Alarm Don Blow

Band :
Title : Alarm Don Blow
Label :
Format : Digital Download

Abiodun’s single Alarm Don Blow is a catchy afrobeat rock song with a retro-modern like lilt to it. Its undulating guitar riffs provides its rocky edge, which recalls a Jimmy Hendrix or Carlos Santana jam session. Inspired by his observations and experiences and without being preachy, Abiodun’s song has a moral message that places it within an activist afrobeat tradition. Its refrain, “alarm don blow”, pidgin english for ‘things have gone awry’, is a call to individuals to do what is right or morally sane, for the society; or to perform their duties as responsible citizens within sociopolitical institutions.

Alarm don blow gives you a taste of the upcoming album Break Free (to be released in October 2018). The single is available on all major digital download and streaming platforms.

Abiodun's single cover photo Living For The Positive, Ajazco Records 2018

Living for the Positive

Band :
Title : Living for the Positive
Label :
Format : Digital Download

The single “Living for the Positive” was released by Ajazco Records and is available for stream and download. It includes an original videoclip.

“Living for the Positive” could also be called “Moving out of the Negative”. The song describes a positive attitude to life that can be encountered unexpectedly. Musically, “Living for the Positive” is unmistakably inspired by the legendary Soul Sound of Stax and Motown from the 1960s, most especially the chorus with its heavy hitting background choirs which reminds us of the hopeful message (the gospel of love) – an intriguing mix of up-tempo, rock and soul power.