Abiodun Odukoya is a singer, songwriter and works as an arranger and producer of music. He is a pioneer of the HipHop and Afro/Reggae/Soul scene in Germany since the 1990s. In addition to his solo career he promotes and produces young musical talents in Nigeria, Germany and beyond. He is the CEO of Ajazco Records and a founding member of Brothers Keepers and the group Bantu. He collaborated with Maceo Parker, UB40, Gregory Isaacs, Xavier Naidoo and Patrice. Abiodun is an experienced teacher for voice, singing, rap and spoken word. He works with the NGOs Kabawil and Haduwa in the field of performing arts, crosscultural exchange and development.



(2000 – 2005)

Abiodun Odukoya is a founding Member of the Afro-German all-star music collective and NGO Brothers Keepers. The Brothers Keepers single Adriano, Die letzte Warnung (Adriano, the final warning) was released in 2001.It became an anti racism anthem selling well over 220,000 copies and making it to the Top 5 of the German pop charts. Both albums Lightkultur and Am I my Brothers Keeper gained top positions on the German charts.



(2011 – present )

Abiodun Odukoya is the Founder and CEO of Ajazco Records, a label and platform aiming to support projects and up and coming musicians to develop their own brand and profile and promote their music to a wider audience. Ajazco Records has several Singles to its portfolio and has released the first Indiginous Yoruba Rap Split-Album with Samnem and DQ , which was produced by Abiodun.



(2010 – present)

The NGO KABAWIL was founded in 2003 in Duesseldorf, Germany. KABAWIL’S work is based on their concept of relation oriented cultural work with people. KABAWIL’s work emphasises on actual and future living environments of the participants, based upon biography works. It brings people from different backgrounds (social status, education and nationalities) together. Abiodun Odukoya works for KABAWIL as a music instructor, coach and producer. He is in charge of conceptualisation and coordination for most major projects of the NGO.



(2009 – present)

Abiodun Odukoya is a music instructor and coach of the cross cultural performing arts workshop Framewalk. A module developed to link performing arts students from around the world. Framewalk projects that he has contributed to have taken place in Israel, Ghana, Germany, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia.