Alarm Don Blow

Band :
Title : Alarm Don Blow
Release Date : 21 September 2018
Label :
Format : Digital Download

Abiodun’s single Alarm Don Blow is a catchy afrobeat rock song with a retro-modern like lilt to it. Its undulating guitar riffs provides its rocky edge, which recalls a Jimmy Hendrix or Carlos Santana jam session. Inspired by his observations and experiences and without being preachy, Abiodun’s song has a moral message that places it within an activist afrobeat tradition. Its refrain, “alarm don blow”, pidgin english for ‘things have gone awry’, is a call to individuals to do what is right or morally sane, for the society; or to perform their duties as responsible citizens within sociopolitical institutions.

Alarm don blow gives you a taste of the upcoming album Break Free (to be released in October 2018). The single is available on all major digital download and streaming platforms.