Abiodun & Sidekick

The German-Nigerian singer and composer, is one of the most interesting, international commuters of a new Urban Roots Movement contributing to the current pop culture with its musical diversity and vibrancy.

Abiodun and his Band Sidekick have developed an uncompromising and powerful sound filled with passion and depth. They move playfully through an individual and contemporary sound universe. Their music unites classical elements of soul, blues, funk and rock with Abiodun’s African roots.

As a Solo-Act Abiodun has released under the name of “Don Abi“ several cross-genre albums that went beyond popular musical clichés.

In addition to his solo career, Abiodun for many years collaborated with artists like Maceo Parker, UB40, Patrice, Xavier Naidoo and Ade Bantu. He is a co-founder of the musical project Brothers Keepers.

Abiodun and his band Sidekick are travellers with a cosmopolitan consciousness and a universal message that is as timeless as relevant.